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Best Gifts by Occupation

1. 5. 2022 last updated

Are you in the market for gifts for different occupations? Our team of authors did the hard work and put together lists full of original, funny, practical and other types of gift ideas around people’s jobs. The most popular include gifts for writers, gifts for truck drivers and gifts for woodworkers. We hope you find something you like!

Best Gifts for Writers

Best writing gifts

17 Gifts for Writers That Will Earn You a Pulitzer

Do you have writer’s block regarding what gifts to get for a writer? Don’t worry, we’ve used our creative juices to discover the best gifts for writers. These are sure to earn you a Pulitzer, as the giver.

Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

Best trucking gifts

15 Gifts for Truck Drivers That Will Take Them Through the Long Haul

What do you get for a truck driver? Unlike hairdressers, doctors, or teachers, truck drivers are not people we have in-person contact with very often. This makes it hard to know what they need. So if you are at a loss as to what the best gifts for truckers are, check these out.

Best Gifts for Woodworkers

Best woodworking gifts

23 Wonderful Gifts for Woodworkers That will Carve a Special Place in Their Hearts

The smell of sawdust, the feel of finely crafted wood furniture, these bring to mind woodworkers. While anyone can follow directions to build something, it is only a select few who can hone the skills to make a masterpiece. Give the woodworker in your life gifts that will aid them in their art, or some whimsical gifts for their side hobbies. Maybe you want to get them something cool for their workshop. Whichever woodworking gifts you choose, you will build a place in their heart.

Best Gifts for Engineers

Best engineer gifts

19 Excellent Gifts for Engineers That Arent All Coffee Mugs

Engineers are a hardworking bunch, but we hear they like to have fun sometimes, too! That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of perfect gift ideas for engineers, with items intended to make work time easier and playtime more memorable. There you’ll find anything from books and office items to toys and games, all intended to help you celebrate that special nerd in your life!

Best Gifts for Police Officers

Best police gifts

17 Perfect Presents for Police Officers That Will Make Them Feel Appreciated

Working nights, missing out on their kids’ games or performances because they had to work, getting called away from Sunday dinner, this is the life of a police officer. They sacrifice a lot to keep us safe. How can we show our appreciation for the way they put their lives on the line for us? It is a hard thing to equal. However, you can show them you care with this selection of well thought out gifts for police officers. Whether you want to help them relax or you want to get a practical gift for their job, we’ve got you covered.

Best Gifts for Mechanics

Best mechanic gifts

15 Gifts For Mechanics That Will Provide Balance

Are you looking for something special for a mechanic? Or maybe you just know somebody who loves working on cars. Maybe they even fantasize about classic automobiles. Then you will love browsing these gifts for mechanics. There is something for everyone, even if they don’t actually work on cars.

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers

Best bus driver gifts

Top 11 Best Gifts for Bus Drivers in 2021 That Will Drive Them Nuts

Bus drivers don’t get thanked enough for all they do for us. They keep the city moving, whether they drive a public transit bus or take kids to school every morning. If someone you know is a bus driver (or drives your kid’s school bus), show them your appreciation! We’ve come up with the best gifts for bus drivers that will have them smiling from ear to ear during their next trip!

Best Gifts for Hairdressers

Best hairdressing gifts

15 Gifts for Hairdressers to Show off Their Flair for Hair

Upsweep, beach waves, crown braid, if you don’t know what these terms mean, then you are not a hair stylist. Few of us have the talent or knowledge required to create art with hair. For those that do, check out these amazing gifts for hairdressers to show you appreciate how hard they work.

Best Gifts for Therapists

Best therapist gifts

13 Gifts for Therapists That Will Increase Their Endorphins

While most therapists cannot accept gifts from clients due to their code of ethics, usually a small token of appreciation will be acceptable. If you are looking to show your thanks or get a gift for someone who is a therapist we have a thoughtful selection of the best therapist gifts, both big and small right here.

Best Gifts for Electricians

Best electrician gifts

13 Gifts for Electricians That Will Power Them Up

If you don’t work in the field you might be confused as to what to get for an electrician. Even if you think an electrical code is a sequel to the Da Vinci Code, you will be sure to please with one of these spine tingling gifts for electricians.

Best Gifts for Professors

Best professor gifts

Top 11 Best Gifts for Professors in 2021 To Impress Even The Toughest Teacher

Professors do so much more than teach. They inspire and guide students through a crucial part of their academic career. If you’ve got a favorite professor in your life (or several), give them a gift that will leave a lasting impression and show them just how much you appreciate them! Check out our list of the best gifts for professors and discover all kinds of excellent presents, from books and office organizers to experiences and more!

Best Gifts for Social Workers

Best social worker gifts

15 Gifts for Social Workers That Give Back All the Care They Give Others

Social workers help boost up others when they can’t lift themselves. But what about when they need a boost? These social worker gifts will give them the pampering they deserve, make their work lives more convenient, and bring them some laughter. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Best Gifts for Veterinarians

Best veterinary gifts

15 Purrfect Gifts for Veterinarians

We depend on veterinarians to take care of our pets in times of need and for preventative care. After all, our fur babies are like children to most of us. Find those purrfect gifts for your vet or for someone you know who looks out for all those creatures that are so doggone loveable.

Best Gifts for Librarians

Best library-related gifts

13 Great Gifts for Librarians That They Wont Want to Loan

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a librarian or someone who is a library worker? Maybe you are trying to find a gift for someone obsessed with old books, who spends all their spare time hanging out in libraries. If that’s the case, then you will find some classic gifts right here.

Best Gifts for Accountants

Best accounting gifts

13 Great Gifts for Accountants That Will Build Interest

What should you give an accountant? Most of us draw a blank when asking this question. Aren’t accountants all about numbers and math? Wrong! Check out these fun gifts for accountants that you will enjoy too.

Best Gifts for Dentists

Best dentistry gifts

15 Great Gifts for Dentists That Will Have Them Doing the Floss

Do you have someone special in your life who works in the dental field? Whether they are a hygienist, dental assistant, or a dentist, we have chosen dental gifts that will tickle their funny bones, as well as practical gifts to make their daily lives easier. So, come on, take a look.

Best Gifts for Business Owners

Best business owner gifts

11 Great Gifts for Business Owners to Build Your Partnership

Are you at a loss as to what to give someone who owns their own business? Whether they are new to the world of business or old pros, you will profit from checking out this great selection of gifts for business owners.

Best Gifts for Construction Workers

Best construction worker gifts

11 Gifts for Construction Workers That Will Build Them Up

There’s no place like home. It’s the place we return to, where we feel comfort, where we can recharge. Now, imagine not having that security. Without construction workers, there would be no homes to provide that security. Construction workers are the foundation of our society. Make sure to show your appreciation with some of these unique gadgets and fun gifts for construction workers to build on the foundation of your relationship.

Best Gifts for Barbers

Best barber gifts

Top 13 Best Gifts for Barbers 2021 That Are a Cut Above the Rest

There’s more to a barber’s job than just cutting hair; they’re artists, therapists and customer support specialists all rolled into one! Pay appreciation for the barber in your life, whether you see them every couple of weeks or they’re a close relative! Check out our collection of the best gifts for barbers to find unique and creative gift ideas. From professional tools to fun clothing to wear “off duty”, there’s something for everyone!

Best Gifts for Dental Hygienists

Best dental hygiene gifts

13 Delightful Dental Hygienist gifts That Will Make Them Say Ahhh

Are you looking for a present for a dental hygienist? Some of these dental hygienist gifts will make them chuckle, while others are practical gifts to make their lives easier. You won’t need x-ray vision to see how much they will appreciate these gifts.

Best Gifts for Actors

Best acting gifts

10 Awesome Gifts for Actors That Will Make Them Feel Like a Star

Actors often get the short end of the stick. But let’s face it, at the end of the day, what do most Americans do? We go home and stream our favorite shows or download a movie. On the weekend we go out to see a show. We take for granted the amount of work actors do so that we can enjoy our free time. Now it’s your turn to shine like a star by giving someone these great gifts for actors. These gifts will let them know how much you value them.

Best Gifts for Filmmakers

Best filmmaking gifts

11 Fantastic Gifts for Filmmakers that Will Win You an Academy Award

We all love movies. Do you know someone who works as a filmmaker? Or maybe they are a vlogger or videographer. Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect present for someone special if you don’t really know much about their passion. That’s ok. We’ve put together this great collection of gifts for filmmakers that will make you a hit.

Best Gifts for Geologists

Best geology gifts

11 Gneiss Gifts for Geologists to Rock Their World

Are you looking for a gift for a geologist? Then this is the place to be. However, you don’t need to know the difference between a carrot and a carat to enjoy these gifts. You may be surprised that they unleash your inner science geek.

Best Gifts for Scientists

Best science gifts

15 Gifts for Scientists That Are Out of This World

Scientists include such a wide range of important people, from marine biologists studying dolphins to astrophysicists studying outer space. There are professional scientists working to make our world a better place, and children who are just beginning to develop an interest in the sciences. No matter which category they fall into, these gifts for scientists are sure to rock their world.

Best Gifts for PE Teachers

Best PE teacher gifts

11 Gifts for PE Teachers That Will Make the Grade

Are you looking for a PE teacher gift? Please, please, please, don’t get another mug or plaque that is going to sit around on their desk. PE teachers need fun stuff to use with their classes or cool gifts that will simplify their busy lives. We searched out these gifts that are sure to earn you an A.

Best Gifts for Chemists

Best chemistry gifts

11 Gifts for Chemists that are Sure to Cause a Great Reaction

Of all the scientific fields, chemistry has to be one of the most fascinating. Whether you’ve got a science-obsessed kid, an aspiring chemistry student or working professional chemist in your life, there’s something for everyone on our list of the best gifts for chemists! From useful and helpful gifts that will make school or work easier, to fun toys and side projects to stimulate their big brain, we’ve got it all, right in one place!

Best Gifts for Surgeons

Best surgeon gifts

11 Great Gifts for Surgeons That Make the Cut

Surgeons are special people who work hard every day saving lives. So of course, you want to get them an extra special gift. We went outside the box to come up with these unique gifts for surgeons that are as special as they are.

Best Gifts for Flight Attendants

Best flight attendant gifts

11 Gifts for Flight Attendants That Will Carry Them Away

Do you fly frequently and want to get a gift for the flight staff? Maybe you are looking for a Christmas gift for a flight attendant who is a friend or relative. Whatever the occasion, they will think these gifts are out of this world.

Best Gifts for Screenwriters

Best screenwriting gifts

10 Oscar Worthy Gifts for Screenwriters that will Inspire Them

Do you know a writer who dreams of creating the next cinematic masterpiece? If you’re struggling to figure out what to get the resident writer in your life, check out our list of the best gift ideas for screenwriters. Whether you want to give them a sentimental keepsake to show you care or want to help them banish writer’s block for good, you’re sure to find that perfect Oscar-worthy present!

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