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Best Gifts for Musicians

20. 12. 2021 last updated

Are you in the market for gifts for musicians? Our team of authors did the hard work and put together lists full of original, funny, practical and other types of gift ideas around music. The most popular include gifts for guitar players, drummers and piano players. We hope you find something you like!

Best Gifts for Guitar Players

Best guitar gifts

23 Great Gifts for Guitar Players That Rock

Holidays are about creating memories. If you are like me, you don’t remember all the gifts you got each Christmas or birthday. However, I do remember some special ones, like a music mix from my dad on my 16th birthday with his voice recorded on it. And my husband remembers his first guitar, which was a gift from his dad, when he was a teen. It’s not how many gifts you get, or what your relationship is like at the time. With a special gift, you can create new memories that shine. If this is the kind of gift you want to give, check out these guitar gifts. Maybe they don’t already play guitar, but they are thinking about it. Either way, you can be the creator of those lasting memories.

Best Gifts for Drummers

Best drummer gifts

21 Gifts for Drummers That Will Have Them Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum

Are you looking for a gift for a musician in your life, but don’t have the slightest clue what to get? If you don’t know a drumstick from a breadstick, that’s ok. You don’t need to. These unique gifts for drummers are just that – unique. How about a drum from Africa, light-up drumsticks, a book about their favorite drummer, or maybe even a personalized drum gift? We have searched outside the box for these gifts, so they will surely be a big hit.

Best Gifts for Piano Players

Best piano gifts

Top 17 Best Gifts for Piano Players in 2021 That Will Hit Exactly the Right Note

The piano is a challenging yet infinitely rewarding instrument to learn, and so many people learn it as their first instrument for this exact reason. Do you have someone in your family or friend group who loves to play the piano, or do you know someone who’s always wanted to learn? Check out our list of the best gifts for piano players to get inspired to find that item that strikes the right chord!

Best Gifts for Singers

Best singing gifts

Top 17 Best Gifts for Singers in 2021 That Will Make Them Sing With Joy

Do you have someone in your life with a beautiful voice? Do they dream of making it big, or are they already a seasoned pro? If that’s the case, you want to get them something on that next special occasion that will help them step up their game and show you care. Check out our list of the best gifts for singers, from experiences and music to inspire practical and sentimental gifts!

Best Gifts for Bass Guitar Players

Best bass guitar gifts

10 Gifts for Bass Players that Strike Just the Right Chord

It takes countless hours of dedication to learn the bass guitar, so show that special bass player in your life that you care with the perfect gift. You want to give them something practical that will help them grow their skills, but not something they already have. So what do you get a bass guitarist who has everything? We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for bass players to give you some ideas!

Best Gifts for Band Directors

Best band director gifts

11 Unique Gifts for Band Directors That Will be Music to Their Ears

Do your loved ones a favor and skip the boring mug that is going to clutter up their cabinet. Instead check out these unique gifts for band directors that are sure to be a hit. If you love music, you will want to add some of these to a wish list for yourself.

Best Gifts for Trumpet Players

Best trumpet gifts

13 Gifts for Trumpeters that Will Blow Them Away

Whether your loved one dreams of becoming the next Mile Davis or simply wants to put their best foot forward at marching band practice, you can help and show your support with the right present. Check out our list and you’re sure to find that gift for trumpet players that hits just the right note! Whether it’s instrument accessories, jewelry or music to inspire them, you’re sure to blow them away at that upcoming special event!

Best Gifts for Saxophone Players

Best saxophone gifts

Top 10 Best Gifts for Saxophone Players in 2021 That Are as Special as the Recipient

Whether they’re just starting out, or a seasoned performer playing for large audiences, it may be difficult to know just what exactly a saxophone player wants. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a wide variety of gifts for saxophone players from all over to give you some ideas. From lessons and books to help them learn, to art and home items to help them show off their passion, there’s so much to explore!

Best Gifts for Violin Players

Best violin gifts

Strike The Right Chord With These 15 Amazing Gifts for Violinists

No matter how great the sound of a violin may be, nothing can compare to the violinist themselves! Show them how much you care and support them by checking out our list of the best gifts for violinists! You’re sure to find something for everyone, whether they’re just starting out or a seasoned professional. From beginner instruments and music books to art, keepsakes, and more, any gift you choose is sure to strike the right chord.

Best Gifts for Cello Players

Best cello gifts

Top 10 Best Gifts for Cello Players in 2021 to Wow Every Cellist

The cello is an amazing instrument with such a long and prestigious history. It’s one of the most popular instruments on the planet for a reason! If you have someone in your life who loves to play the cello or wants to get started, you may be wondering where to start in your present search. That’s where we come in – we’ve pulled together the best gifts for cello players so you can find the perfect one for your favorite cellist!

Best Gifts for Ukulele Players

Best ukulele gifts

10 Unique Gifts for Ukulele Players That Will be Music to Their Ears

Ukuleles are trending instruments to play right now. They are smaller than guitars and easier to learn, so they are more practical for children and for toting around. However, you don’t need to play the ukulele to recognize that these gifts for ukulele lovers will strike a sweet chord with them. There are gifts for beginners too. Maybe you know someone who wants to give it a try.

Best Gifts for Trombone Players

Best trombone gifts

10 Gifts for Trombone Players That Will Leave Them Breathless

Do you know someone who loves the sound of New Orleans Jazz or Big Band music, or better yet, plays the trombone themselves? If you don’t play a brass instrument yourself, you may feel unsure of what the perfect gift for them may be. That’s ok, we have collected many trombone themed gifts that they don’t even know they want yet, plus some practical gift ideas. These gifts will take their breath away.

Best Gifts for Flute Players

Best flute gifts

11 Great Gifts for Flute Players That Will Earn You a Standing Ovation

American culture often puts a lot of importance on gift giving during holidays. Instead, Europeans focus more on family, friends, and food. Gifts are more of a token showing you care, not the main attraction. We can learn from this. Instead of focusing on the quantity of gifts, take the time to choose a few special gifts that show you really understand and care about that someone special. These gifts for flute players are tailored to their passion. It won’t matter how many gifts you get, it’s the fact that you took the time to get something important to them that will have their hearts playing a happy tune.

Best Gifts for Banjo Players

Best banjo gifts

10 Great Gifts for Banjo Players That Will Pull on Their Heartstrings

I love holiday shopping, but sometimes it can be difficult trying to find the perfect gift for someone special. It is especially hard when I don’t know much about that person’s hobbies. No need to worry, we have put together this list of best gifts for banjo players that will make their hearts sing, and you don’t even need to know anything about banjos.

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