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About HappyGiftee.com

At HappyGiftee.com, we are committed to curating unique and amusing gift ideas to assist our readers in selecting the perfect gifts for their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, or acquaintances. We understand that while gift-giving is a joy, finding the right gift can sometimes be a challenging task. That’s where we come in!

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1. The team

These are the people behind the content on this site.

Peter Tichy — editor in chief

Peter Author and editor with Happygiftee.com and Giftsbay.co.uk since 2021. He comes up with topics to cover, checks over the articles and makes sure things look nice.

[email protected]


Donna Emperador — lead author

DonnaI am an experienced freelance writer and travel blogger who loves discovering new and interesting things. During holidays, I love searching out perfect gifts for friends and family members, and I am happy that now I get to share my findings with you as well!

[email protected]

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Carmen Pirc — author

Carmen Ever since I was little, I’ve been my family’s go-to person when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. There is nothing I enjoy more than thinking of gifts that would make someone happy and give them a moment of joy. I would be honored to become your go-to “gift person” as well.

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Samantha Cochran — author


I’m a passionate writer who loves celebrating special moments with friends and family—and hunting for that perfect gift! I have always believed that the right gift can strengthen bonds with our loved ones, create cherished memories, and communicate the love and respect we have for others in a way that words can’t.

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2. Our process

How exactly does our gift selection process operate? Ever wonder how we manage to continuously unveil fresh ideas while you may find yourself running out of inspiration? Well, we invest our time in thorough market research and stay attuned to current trends. This commitment ensures that you’ll discover a plethora of gift suggestions tailored to fans of today’s most popular games, movies, and TV shows. Our repertoire encompasses not only humorous or adorable gifts but also practical ones.

When it comes to selecting gifts, we draw inspiration from our personal experiences and the items that have brought us joy. Equally vital are the invaluable tips we receive from individuals near and far, including our cherished readers.

3. Where to buy

But where can you actually purchase these wonderful gifts, you ask? It’s important to note that we neither manufacture nor sell physical items. Our role primarily involves providing inspiration. With each gift idea we present, we provide a link to an online store where you can easily find the item. It probably won’t come as a surprise that most (though not all) of our gift links direct you to Amazon.com. This choice is based on our data, which indicates that it’s a preferred shopping destination for our visitors. Additionally, we’re keen to showcase the creative offerings on Etsy.com. Furthermore, our authors are encouraged to include links to other stores they come across during their research, expanding your shopping options.

4. Is this free?

Now, you might be wondering if all this comes at a cost. The truth is, we adore what we do, but we can’t do it for free. You’ll notice advertising banners on our site, and we also participate in affiliate marketing. In simple terms, this means that we earn a commission on purchases made through the links on our site. Rest assured, this does not result in any additional expense for you. You never pay the commission; it’s deducted from the seller’s margin. Our services remain entirely free of charge for you, our valued readers.

5. Who’s behind?

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