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Donna Emperador

Donna Emperador is a freelance content writer who lives in South Florida. The South Florida climate has inspired her to develop many outdoor hobbies such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and gardening.

Her husband is an avid musician with a collection of guitars, and her son is a budding artist. Their wide variety of household hobbies provides a foundation for many of her gift ideas.

Donna and her husband have also created several outdoor rooms at their home where they enjoy socializing with friends and neighbors. In a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, these people often become trusted resources for researching gifts.



  • Donna spent 10 years working as a therapist which helped her better understand people’s needs and wants. 
  • As a preschool teacher and volunteer at the elementary through highschool levels she developed a keen sense of age appropriate activities and gadgets. 
  • Ms. Emperador has written social media and newsletter content for Scruffy Paws, a pet nutrition company, as well as book reviews for Indie Reader.
  • In addition to writing content for others, she has her own quirky travel blog at Explore the Road with Donnamarie and a wine blog for beginners at Wacky Wine Girl.  It is easy to see how her expertise at finding unique travel ideas and interesting wine knowledge transfers over to her mission to find out of the ordinary presents.

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